CM pats mins Moorthy, PTR

Published Date: January 22, 2022


Madurai: Chief minister M K Stalin showered accolades on the two local ministers, PTŘ Palanivel Thiagarajan and P Moorthy, while inaugurating the projects for Madurai on Friday. Praising commercial taxes minister P Moorthy, who had been instrumental in conducting jallikattu successfully in Madurai, he said the minister would have conducted this ceremony as grandly as jallikattu had he not been hospitalised for treatment of Covid.

He said Moorthy is capable of conducting any event on a huge scale, be it party or government function. It is like putting the noose on the bull to control it, if not restrained, the minister goes overboard in organising events" he said. As minister for commercial taxes, he had made

changes which resulted in the government's revenue from the department going up, he said.

Stalin said finance minister PTR Palanivel Thiagarajan came from a family which had been instrumental in the growth of the state. PT Rajan paved the way for the cooperative department to flourish. PTR Palanivelrajan had been assembly speaker and minister, and now his son Palanivel Thiagarajan was dealing with the toughest portfolio in the cabinet, the finance department. Though the state's finances were in bad condition, he was discharging his duties without complaining. 

The chief minister also congratulated district collector Dr S Aneesh Sekhar for his coordinated efforts and working on par with the two ministers for the development of the district.


Media: Times of India