Need to revive Council of States to tackle environmental issues

Published Date: February 18, 2022


Need to revive Council of States to tackle environmental issues

It will help learn from each other, says Finance Minister

State Finance Minister Palanivel Thiaga rajan on Thursday called for revival of the Council of States to discuss various dimensions, including issues relating to the environment and learn from each other and share best practices.

Speaking at a session on ‘Sub-National Leadership for Inclusive Green Growth’ at The Energy and Resources Institute’s (TERI) World Sustainable Development Summit, he said more action was needed at the sub-national level to achieve climate-related goals.

“While we certainly need national policies on things like electric vehicles or cross-border trade related to certain incentives for environmentally preferred products, services or assets, the bulk of the work needs to happen at the State, district and local body levels”, Mr. Rajan said.

“The diversity between the development of States and their needs are vast. It is not only a question of States being able to learn from each other, but it is a question of moving at a pace we need to”, Mr. Rajan said.

Apolitical set up

“Political parties come to power and go. There needs to be an apolitical set up (Council of States) as envisaged in the Constitution. Policies have to be localised, customised and implemented in every village. It needs an integrated community approach rather than being thrust down by someone,” he said.

Mr. Rajan said Tamil Nadu is now focussing on using reverse hydro for storage during a time when it has excess wind and solar energy. He also reiterated that if India has a target to achieve Net Zero Carbon Emission by 2070, Tamil Nadu, being the most urbanized State, should achieve it by 2050.

The Minister pointed out that the inequality is lower in Tamil Nadu when compared to other States, and the per capita consumption is high and one of the challenges is the huge quantum of waste being generated and how to handle it.


The State is looking at innovative options like waste-to-energy generation and sewerage treatment plants, he added. Tamil Nadu is also looking at tapping offshore wind and wave energy and is in talks with global pioneers, Mr. Rajan said. 

Media: The Hindu