TN should aim for net zero carbon emission by 2050

Published Date: December 14, 2021


Chennai: If India has targeted to achieve net zero carbon emission by 2070, then a state like Tamil Nadu, which is the most urbanized, should target to achieve it by 2050, said minister for finance and human resources Palanivel Thiaga Rajan here on Monday.

We need to achieve it by at least 20 years ahead, he said and added when Tamil Nadu was the most urbanized state, it ought to be different from other states in setting and achieving targets. Thiaga Rajan was addressing a panel discussion on Tamil Nadu's Transition to Net-Zero Carbon Economy,' organized by the Dravidian Professionals' Forum.

People in Tamil Nadu have relatively high income and relatively high consumption, when compared to most other states. With a very high per capita consumption, the state also generates lots of waste. We do not have a proper policy on waste management and the clock is ticking, Thiaga Rajan said. With around 25-26 million two-wheelers and a high percentage of passenger cars on the roads, it generates lots of pollution too, he added.

Fortunately, there are advantages too. “We are number one state in renewable energy, with 30% of power generated coming from renewable energy sources on a good day. While we continue to depend on conventional energy sources, we have 3839% of forest cover and this will be improved to bring in carbon credit, he said.

Speaking on the occasion, former Norwegian minister of environment and international development, Erik Solheim, who is also a former executive director of UN Environment, observed that chief minister MK Stalin's target to make Tamil Nadu a $ one trillion economy would make it one of the most developed states, surpassing even a few developed nations in Europe.

But it is important for India and states like Tamil Nadu to have short term targets, since year 2070 is way too far. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's push for solar power will make India one of the largest markets for solar power, he said.

DMK MLA from Mannargudi and member of TN Planning Commission, TRB Rajaa said Tamil Nadu needs to start focusing on mobility, which is the biggest guzzler of fossil fuel.

Media: The Times of India