Dr. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan resigns as DMK IT Wing Secretary. He has been heading the Wing since its inception in 2017.

Published Date: January 20, 2022

To my beloved colleagues in the IT Wing:

My sincere thanks to all who have reached out to me in the last couple of days. Many have expressed sorrow at my resignation, gratitude for my service, and best wishes for my future. I am truly blessed to have the affection of so many people that I care about.

Please do not feel any sadness on account of my resignation. Just as the ties between a parent and a child can never be severed, the ties between us are everlasting. As one who built this wing from scratch, without even a plan on paper in June 2017, to the unique and strong position it occupies today, I will always be a part of the DMK IT Wing, and it will always be a part of me.

Across the many countries, careers, and decades of my life, I have always been an agent of change. Change is inevitable, and I learnt very early in my life that those who drive change get to shape the future. In my own small way, I have tried to be an agent of change in politics also - in terms of the application of technology and communications to the broader field of politics, in many aspects of the two electoral campaigns in my constituency of Madurai Central, as well as my service as an MLA. But most of all, through all of you - the bright, dedicated, skillful young women and men who have together created this wing of such unique work ethic, culture of self-respect and dedication to the Dravidian Ideals. Despite my professional accomplishments over 25+ years as an expatriate, the development of our Wing is the achievement that gives me the greatest satisfaction, and even pride. For that, and for your continued service, I am grateful to every one of you.

A true professional realizes their own limitations and takes steps to correct them. Over the last few months, I have struggled to balance the demands of my MLA & Ministerial Duties with the service asked of me in the IT Wing. As you know, the Financial Situation of our state deteriorated rapidly after 2014. In fact, the general administration has also been greatly corroded in parallel. I am confident that under the able guidance of our CM, we can largely correct this situation in this term - IF we dedicate our full attention and skills to that objective. Therefore, it became untenable for me to continue as the IT Wing Secretary, at the level of effort that I consider professionally appropriate. Those who know me will agree that clinging to posts for the sake of status, while unable to work at full dedication, is simply alien to my nature. So, I submitted my resignation to our Party Leader, and he magnanimously accepted it.

Starting with my father's funeral in 2006, I realized that the true worth of a person's life is only realized after their time. In a similar vein, the value of my efforts towards developing this wing will be judged by how well it functions under the new leadership of TRB Rajaa, MLA. I urge you to work closely with him to scale new heights. I am sure he will bring fresh perspective and direction, while consolidating the value we have created so far. I wish all of you very much success in the future. I will share in the joy of your success. 

Lastly, please do not confuse office/position with dedication to a cause. Money, positions, posts - all of these are variable, and will come and go in one'slife. Anything which is given can be returned, or taken back. But one can never be separated from what is in you (Culture, Values, Dedication), or what you have earned through hard work and true character (Friendships, Knowledge, Respect). My dedication to the Dravidian ideal was not, and is not, tied to any post - whether party posr or even Ministry. For over a century, four generations of my family have dedicated our time, resources, and talents for the Dravidian Ideal- while keeping our hands spotless. The great Periyar himself cited the contributions of my Great Grandfather in his Obituary as an editorial in Kudiarasu. Perarignar Anna, the founder of the DMK, spoke of my Grandfather's contributions to the Justice Party and the Self Respect Movement. Thalaivar Kalaignar has spoken of my Father's contributions to Society and as the Speaker of the Assembly. In their footsteps, I will continue to work for the cause in a way to warn the good will and recognition of our leader, Hon'ble CM MKS, even as a simple member of the party. 

Let us move past posts and positions, an collectively re-dedicate ourselves to strengthening the Dravidian movement, so it shapes our politics for another Century!

With you always, 

Dr. PTR Palanivel Thiaga Rajan


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